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Wisconsin Right To Life Applauds Komen Decision

Life - Wisconsin Right To Life - News Release

Wisconsin Right to Life Applauds

Susan G. Komen Foundation for

Ending Contributions to Planned


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The GOP creams Obama in November...

According to this analysis.

UPDATE: Culinary no-no #260

Culinary no-no's

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What about my husband, Mr. President?

Timothy Dolan vs. Obama

Franklin (and a whole lot of other places in WI) could use more guys like...

Bill Signorile.

Of course you remember

From my blog Photos of the Week (02/06/11) that included pictures taken on 02/02/11:


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Kyla's Korner

Kyla and I go to the Franklin Public Library often.  She used to love going there even more until someone had the brilliant idea to move the kitchen play area behind closed doors instead of being fully accessible for all kids at all times.   But I digress.


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UPDATE: Culinary no-no #262

Culinary no-no's

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Stuff liberals say

How a referendum becomes a referendum

In Wisconsin, a binding referendum is required for certain school district bonding measures. Franklin is poised to go to referendum. The only questions are when and how much.

A referendum’s genesis usually can be narrowed down to two sources:

1) Gina and Jamie and JoAnne and Pam and Brenda and Dawn and Maria are all on the high school swim team.  Gina and Jamie and JoAnne and Pam and Brenda and Dawn and Maria don’t like the school’s swimming pool. Gina and Jamie and JoAnne and Pam and Brenda and Dawn and Maria also don’t like the condition of their locker rooms. Gina and Jamie and JoAnne and Pam and Brenda and Dawn and Maria vent their frustrations to their parents. Gina and Jamie and JoAnne and Pam and Brenda and Dawn and Maria all have parents who closely follow and support their daughters’ athletic endeavors.  They talk to other parents who don’t have kids on the swimming team, but do have kids involved in other sports or activities.  Over time, a consensus develops that school facilities need improvement or that completely new facilities are in order. A la the greasy wheel, they squeak long and loud enough to school officials before they ultimately agree to take their case to the taxpaying public to ask for lots and lots of money.

2) Just the opposite scenario of #1. School officials who have a strong in-bred desire to spend and spend profusely look around one day while attempting to come up with ideas on how to spend profusely.  One or more comment how this or that building hasn’t seen considerable maintenance since Eisenhower was President. To curry favor with parents and students alike, they begin to openly discuss the idea of building changes. To achieve greater acceptance, they call for public input. Supporters smile, nod their heads in approval and start dreaming.

School Board members, school administrators, and school employees, I’m sure, are pretty nice people for the most part. As a group, they are well-intentioned. However, something happens to these supposedly well-educated folks every day within the confines of those school buildings. Maybe it’s in the water, but they tend to shed common sense and any financial acumen, rendering them helpless when it comes to complex or even simple decision-making.

I described it this way in a blog last May referring to a topic Mark Belling discussed on one of his radio programs:

He addressed a school board issue in Menomonee Falls (MF). By coincidence, MF has about the same population as Franklin and like Franklin is immensely conservative. In MF, the voting patterns are overwhelmingly Republican. As Mark put it, the last place you’d expect victories by the teacher’s union with public officials thumbing their noses at the will of the people would be MF. I would add you could toss in Franklin, except that the Franklin School Board is beyond out of touch.

Mark mentioned that in some communities, especially smaller ones like MF (and I might add, Franklin) with 30-35,000 population, the teachers are often pals with the school board. They bump into one another and see each other in the community, at church, at youth school sports. They become buddies.

When a school board member’s “friend,” aka teacher asks for help, the school board member, rather than upset a “friend” and stand up for the electorate, instead caves.

Another factor needs to be considered.

Folks run for office with the best intentions. They are going to strive for fiscal responsibility. They will not be beholden to special interests. They will represent the taxpayers.

Then they get elected and rub elbows with the entrenched administration. They go native,

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Wisconsin Right To Life - News Release re: Komen

Life - Wisconsin Right To Life - News Release

Wisconsin Right to Life’s

Parent Organization,

the National Right to Life Committee,

Responds to the Komen Decision

Regarding Planned Parenthood

Friday, February 3, 2012

Goodnight everyone and have a XLVI weekend!


“Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.
Vince Lombardi

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The best political cartoons of the week (02/04/12)

Political Cartoons by Eric Allie

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok


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The Barking Lot (02/04/12)

The Barking Lot

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of this just in
Written by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then its DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors. 

TODAY:  Mostly cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. High 40. "C"

SUNDAY:  Partly cloudy. High of 36. "C"

Here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog:

This Sunday while Daddy is watching Super Bowl XLVI, Kyla & I will be watching Puppy Bowl VIII and enjoying every minute of it.  (We won’t, however, be yelling loudly at our TV.)  Could Mommy & Daughter help PB VIII draw a better rating than the Giants & Patriots?  Um, probably not.   

However, for those of us enjoying PB VIII we will have a new ref in charge as well as an incredible lineup of cuteness.  Better than just “cute” though, the show does more than highlight who looks good on the field.  This bowl game focuses on the adoptability of these darling doggies.  They are always happy to share the success stories of people-and-pooch pairings like this one.   

If you are like most sports enthusiasts, clearly you favor the NFL’s offering over Animal Planet’s.  Although they can’t compete with NBC this Sunday, every participant is surely a winner.
---Jennifer Fischer

Thanks, Jennifer.

True confessions. I’ll watch Puppy Bowl for awhile to see and enjoy the delightful laughter from Jennifer and Kyla.

Time now for DOGS IN THE NEWS, canines that made headlines the past week.

Congressman wants probe after Ranger stuns dog walker.

Dog activists form group to oppose Romney.

Struggling actor commits suicide after putting dog to sleep.

Barking Lot update: Suspect caught in snatching of $1800 puppy.

Can a drug-sniffing dog be wrong?

In Georgia, dog ordinance would require insurance.

In Minnesota, a lawmaker wants to ban body grip traps.

Healing soldiers
, one dog at a time.

Treating dogs' spinal injuries could help humans.

Andre recovers incredibly.

Tips to help your dog deal with... divorce?

In Norway, dog lockers are popping up.

Who was that lucky dog?

Your dog's good looks start from the inside out.

Toto the official state dog could only be ...where?  Look who's upset.

Dogs star in 2012 Super Bowl ads.  MORESome folks aren't happy.

If your dog could talk...

At The Barking Lot, we love happy endings.



A soldier places his helmet on Timothy, an army explosive sniffer dog, near the site where a car loaded with explosives was control detonated by an army anti-bomb squad in Pradera, southwestern Colombia, Friday Feb. 3, 2012. Fifteen people were killed this week in two attacks with explosives in southern Colombia, blamed on rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, by President Juan Manuel Santos.

Timothy, an army explosive sniffer dog, wears the helmet of a soldier who placed it on his head at the site of a car loaded with explosives that was detonated by an army anti-bomb squad in Pradera, southwestern Colombia, Friday, Feb. 3, 2012. Fifteen people were killed this week in two attacks with explosives in southern Colombia, blamed on rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, by President Juan Manuel Santos.

Timothy, an army explosive sniffer dog, wears the helmet of a soldier who placed it on his head at the site of a car loaded with explosives that was detonated by an army anti-bomb squad in Pradera, southwestern Colombia, Friday, Feb. 3, 2012. Fifteen people were killed this week in two attacks with explosives in southern Colombia, blamed on rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, by President Juan Manuel Santos. AP photos

Thanks for stopping by The Barking Lot. We may not be the best dog blog, but we're in the top two! Please tell a fellow dog lover about us!

We close with our closing video:

Service Dog's Licks Save Arizona Woman's Life...


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Week-ends (02/04/12)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


Sister Barbara Anne Hallman

Nazir Al-Mujaahid

Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle

Bev Meska

Dr. James Hickman

Laura Herzog

Antonio Vandal

Matt Cassel


The Government Accountability Board

Mark Berndt

Thaddeus Matthews

Seattle libraries

Nancy Pelosi

The 27 House Democrats who voted against H.R.3567, the Welfare Integrity Now for Children and Families Act of 2011 which makes it illegal for welfare recipients to use an EBT card in a strip club, liquor store or casino.


The Komen Foundation:  HERO  to VILLAIN


“A competitive primary does not divide us, it unites us and we will win.
Mitt Romney, GOP presidential candidate, on his victory in Florida's Republican primary.

“It is now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader, Newt Gingrich, and the Massachusetts moderate. And the voters of Florida made that clear.
Newt Gingrich, in a statement after polls closed in Florida, where he lost to Mitt Romney.

“I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich. They’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95 percent of Americans who are struggling.” 
Mitt Romney

“If I could give you an idea of what it looked like, I would say it looked like the end of the world.
Steven R. Camps, a motorist involved in a multiple-car pileup that killed 10 and injured at least 18 in the early hours of Sunday morning, Jan. 29, on Interstate 75 just outside Gainesville, Fla.

"I felt like some of the guys on the NFC side embarrassed themselves. I was just surprised that some of the guys either didn't want to play or when they were in there didn't put any effort into it."
Green Bay Packer QB Aaron Rodgers on the lackluster play of his teammates in the NFL Pro Bowl last Sunday. The AFC beat the NFC, 59-41.

I thought it wouldn't be good to show up the first lady so I stopped.
Ellen DeGeneres, after losing a push-up contest with first lady Michelle Obama, who was on the chat show to promote her "Let's Move" campaign.


Suspicious spending found in Wisconsin's FoodShare program.


Why isn't the mainstream media aggressively scouring the recall petitions for errors?


Is there a game this Sunday?


Gotta go potty? Don't forget your phone.

Don't call 9-1-1!

He just always wanted to do it.

Gamer dies at web cafe, but no one notices.

That's it for Week-ends. Thanks for stopping by.

We close with the latest from NewsBusted:

Federal Spending: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



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A terrific Super Bowl ad you won't see Sunday

It comes from the marketing geniuses at Budweiser who produce separate Super Bowl ads for audiences in Canada, including this one:

The future of America...Ay yi yi

But maybe we should build them new high schools with new football fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, and theaters.


Recommended Reading including SUPER BOWL material (02/05/12)

Recommended Reading

Here are, in my view, interesting, noteworthy columns and articles from the past week that I highly recommend (You will note that on occasion, I do not endorse the opinions of the author and may point that out. Despite my disagreements, I still feel the piece is worth a read).

Charlie Sykes makes the case that we are a 'Nation of Moochers.'

"...what Sykes is exposing is that we are on the march to becoming Greece. Not just a European welfare state, but the kind of welfare state where the populace has been engineered by a nanny state to riot at the very thought of not being able to mooch the life to which they have become accustomed."

Susan G. Komen vs the morality parasites

"The health services Planned Parenthood performs with respect to breast cancer become an absolute moral imperative that shields all of its other activities, including abortion services that many people find deeply objectionable (to put it mildly.)  If you question any aspect of PP’s activities, you want women to die.  Many of PP’s most ardent defenders will use exactly those words."

Aborting Hitler

"Someone once asked me whether I would abort Adolf Hitler if I knew in advance he would try to launch a Holocaust against millions of Jews. I said I would not. That is because..."

Who would Jesus tax?

"I can’t believe that hot coffee didn’t spew from hundreds of Christians’ mouths when Obama took a text that refers directly to believers’ judgment and contorted it to be interpreted as a ratcheted-up government imposed higher tax rate upon those who already bear the brunt of the tax burden."

Getting nowhere, very fast

"California has a huge state debt and Washington has a huge national debt. But that does not discourage either Governor Jerry Brown or President Barack Obama from wanting to launch a very costly high-speed rail system.

Most of us might be a little skittish about spending money if we were teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. But the beauty of politics is that it is all other people's money, including among those other people generations yet unborn."

The happiest wives in America

"Let's take a break from politics to ask the burning question: How did Karen Santorum and Ann Romney get so lucky? Just who are the happiest wives in America? According to a new report by the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project, 'When Baby Makes Three,' the surprising answer is: women who..."

The Super Bowl is over when this happens

"After an interminable wait for Super Bowl XLVI, we should get a good idea who's going to win very quickly."

The 21 rules of surviving a Super Bowl party

"The Super Bowl is the sports world's biggest amateur day, and if you're a hard-core fan who's spent all season paying rapt attention, you will be chagrined to discover you're suddenly in a room with chattering dilettantes, asking if that guy on the screen is really named Ochocinco. You could see this as a bad thing, or a healthy positive—football returning to its proper place as trifling entertainment, and not the bombastic life-consuming gladiator saga it's become. Everybody has been to a good Super Bowl party and at least one miserable one. Whether you're a guest or a host, here are some rules to make it a success."

Odds are, Super Bowl will be fun

"With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching, what are your favorite prop bets and why?"

The NFL has an 'L' of a problem in 2016

"The NFL is four years away from its 50th Super Bowl, which means it is already trying to plan around a peculiar self-inflicted marketing nuisance."

We close Recommended Reading with Recommended Listening, perfect for getting you in the mood for Super Bowl Sunday. I swear you'll be humming this all day.


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