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After Tuesday's elections, let's all work together

With the spring elections less than a week away, I find myself more than ever thinking quite seriously about Franklin’s future.  Those who choose to run for elected office deserve great credit for their willingness to serve.

No matter who emerges victorious next Tuesday, it is my sincere hope that the members of our local governing bodies will work in concert and cohesively to address the city’s major issues.

Let me initially and briefly list the issues that stand out in my mind.

1) Unity

2) Education

3) Public safety

4) Our business climate

5) Civic/community pride

6) Our workforce

7) Recognizing outstanding achievement

8) Taxes

These are all pretty important, wouldn’t you agree?

Now let’s expound on each item, starting, of course, right at the top.

1) Unity. Franklin needs to be a united city. We could go a long way in achieving that goal if, on the morning after the elections, all of the candidates hold a unity breakfast to express, as a form of leadership, their pledge to work together to improve Franklin. This should be rather easy. Simply hold the unity breakfast at any one of the dozens of great, high quality Franklin restaurants.

2) Education. I think we all would agree that Franklin has a pretty good public school system, but it could be even better. Seems we could use that new high school we’ve been discussing for years. But let’s not make the process so difficult this time. The referendum should explicitly state that it would require only one out of every three Franklin voters to approve. The new high school should have a new football field and press box, baseball diamond, outdoor track, and gymnasium/auditorium. It will be called the Patz Palace-Palooza.

3) Public safety. Franklin (finally) has instituted tornado warning sirens. What an incredible relief! I feel safer already. But it’s not enough. There is more we can do to provide a safer summer for Franklin residents. During the months of June, July and August, Franklin should hire and employ highly trained personnel to act as the FSBRODEP. That’s Fireworks, Sparklers, Bottle Rockets and Other Dangerous Explosives Patrol. Their sole function would be to scour neighborhoods to scout out people using incendiary devices that could cause great bodily harm who are disguised as simple, ordinary folks just trying to have a good time. The fine for violators would depend on the firepower of the device and/or the number of lost digits.

4) Our business climate. Franklin is no different than any other Wisconsin community. We need businesses that will create jobs. And certain kinds of businesses. I would say banks. Yes, more banks. And gas stations. Oh, and grocery stores.

5) Civic/community pride.
It is imperative we bring residents together. What better way to bring community residents together than by having a Franklin Community Center? But this can’t be just any community center. It has to be special, with all the really cool, neat stuff everybody wants. Me personally? I would build a tri-level facility. The ground or first floor would be an aquatics center complete with waterpark. The second level would be a fine arts complex with theater and concert hall. The third and top floor would be a bowling alley with at least 12 lanes, 2 of them featuring mini-bowling. Naturally, there would have to be underground parking.

6) Our workforce. Our vastly underpaid, under-benefitted public workers have really gotten beat up as of late. That has to wear on their morale, thus, affecting their ability to even concentrate. We must make it easier for them to perform their duties. An addition built at City Hall, the Library, or the Police department would feature a Wellness Center including a complete spa for exclusive use by city and public school system employees.

7) Recognizing outstanding achievement. In order to encourage projects to benefit Franklin residents, there must be an incentive. A good start would be to rename Franklin buildings, parks, etc after worthy Franklin residents. They would have to be former Eagle Scouts and must still live at home with their parents.

8) Taxes. Some of the above mentioned items will obviously necessitate funding and lots of it. Accomplish it without raising taxes? Not gonna happen. Property taxes will just have to go up a bunch. Tax bills will be sent out earlier and since we’ll have to move quickly, taxes will be due three days later.

In my view, these items are all necessary because of the following.

1) We must move Franklin Forward.

2) At all costs, we have to be better than Oak Creek.

3) Gosh darn it, I WANT it!

The response to sleazy attack ads run for Joanne Kloppenburg

Here's a segment from a March 28th debate....


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TV weather "experts" are wrong...AGAIN!

Last night during the 10:00 news, I was told by our know-it-all TV weather folks  I would wake up to a wintry mix that would persist throughout the day today.


Franklin alderman Steve Taylor cares about public safety? PUH-LEEZE!

Franklin alderman Steve Taylor is in the fight for his aldermanic life as he feels the heat from a strong, solid, principled campaign from his opponent, former Franklin alderman, longtime Franklin businessman, and conservative Christian Republican Pete Kosovich.

Taylor has put out a campaign flyer that gives the misperception that public safety has been one of his top priorities. Like most of his Franklin aldermanic career, the claim is bogus.

I note that he, other than a brief e-mail, was AWOL on the most important public safety issue to Franklin demonstrating how clearly out of touch he is with, not only his district, but the entire city.

During the November 2009 city budget deliberations, when Mayor Tom Taylor wanted to cut a fire department position and two police officer positions, aldermen Steve Olson and Lyle Sohns fought to restore those positions. Because of his personal pettiness fueled by a dislike for Olson, Taylor voiced opposition to Olson and Sohns' proposals with no suggestions of his own to save those important jobs.

If Steve Taylor knocks on your door this weekend, ask him why he verbally opposed restoration of important public safety fire and police positions in November of 2009.

Take whatever answer he gives you with a grain of salt, including that Kevin Fischer is full of it. He is obsessed with me and my blog instead of the job at hand, another reason he’s unfit to be alderman. His priorities are out of whack.

With his re-election on the line, Steve Taylor wants us to believe that suddenly he’s a fan of public safety. That’s not the impression he gave in November of 2009 or his last three years in office. It’s also a tactic used by lefties as the election gets closer. They move closer and closer to the right. Steve Taylor, phony conservative, is now using that page right out of the liberal playbook. As a phony conservative, Taylor is out of touch with the values of the majority of his district and the city of Franklin.

Also ask him this if he rings your doorbell this weekend:

What specific budget amendments did you propose last November to reduce the city property tax levy increase down to 0 %? He offered NONE and rubber stamped the property tax increase during a recession when many homes in Franklin were being foreclosed.

Finally, DO NOT fall for any rhetoric from Steve Taylor that a city of Franklin study found our tax rate is better than surrounding communities. The tax rate is meaningless. It’s the LEVY that’s important and our LEVY increased well beyond the rate of inflation, thanks to Steve Taylor.

And for those inclined, please have a copy of the 1st Amendment ready for Steve Taylor. Kindly remind him that Kevin Fischer enjoys this right. Taylor's ignorance has him forgetting that. It's yet another reason you need to:


Steve Taylor has plenty of time to attend these events, but can't find time to attend a hearing about sex predators in his neighborhoods?

Some elected Franklin officials have worn out their welcome and need to go....

In the final days preceding the April 5 elections, I will have more blogs to explain why the following belong on the list of Franklin elected officials who have given public service, have had their chances, been great disappointments and now need to be replaced:

School Board

David Works


Steve Taylor

Kristen Wilhelm

And what about Mayor Tom Taylor, running unopposed?

You’ll just have to keep checking in….

When tax and spender, Steve Taylor knocks on your door this weekend, Franklin taxpayers, REMEMBER...

Goodnight everyone and hey, no foolin', have a great weekend!

It's Friday night. Time to unwind with our regular Friday night feature on This Just In.

The weekend has finally arrived.

The sun has set.

The evening sky has erupted. 

Let's put controversy and provocative blogs aside for the rest of this work week and smooth our way into Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight, seriously good music fit for this first day of this month.

We begin with a classic sung by the man who did it better than anyone else.

From onstage with the Rat Pack...

Summit: In Concert

Next up, a live recording that just turned 50 years old.

And it’s historic.

From the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:

“Congress in the late 1950s authorized the construction of the memorial to honor the crewmembers entombed when the USS Arizona was sunk during an aerial attack by the Japanese that plunged the United States into World War II. The Pacific War Memorial Commission was tasked with raising $500,000 to build the USS Arizona Memorial.

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The Barking Lot (04/02/11)

The Barking Lot

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of this just in
Written by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then it
s DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors. 

TODAY:  Partly cloudy. High of 47. That's about right for this time of year.   "C"

SUNDAY:  A nasty combo of rain, thunder, and wind. High of 45.  "F"

Here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog:

I have often said that when we get a dog, I would love to have her certified as a therapy dog.  I can see so many wonderful possibilities volunteering in hospitals, nursing homes and even schools.  We have blogged many times on The Barking Lot about the incredible things that service and therapy dogs can accomplish for their human companions.  Dogs help war veterans, physically challenged individuals, children who are traumatized and need to testify in court… the list is endless.  I don’t think anyone would argue the valuable role dogs can play in a healing process.


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Week-ends (04/02/11)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


Sergio Lopez and the people of Hillside, Illinois

Stephen Cornell

Ben Hudson

Tilden Curl

Bruno Serato

Stephen Joseph

True the Vote


Katherine Windels

Jim Parrett of AFSCME

Indiana Democrat Congressman Dave Cheatham

Chicago teacher

Planned Parenthood

Scott Balbirnie

Maximina Shelton

Jail drug smugglers


“Here’s the bottom line: Democrats are rooting for a government shutdown. We’re listening to the people who sent us here to cut spending so we can grow our economy.”

John Boehner

“The liberal mainstream media, notice how they have tried to destroy Sarah Palin. Notice how the more popular Michele Bachmann gets, the more they try to destroy her. You want to know why they go after those two ladies more viciously? Because they know that Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin is going to draw a lot of the women vote away from the Democrat Party. They are scared to death of that, if they were to run and get the nomination. They are doubly scared that a real black man might run against Barack Obama.”
Herman Cain

“Democrats couldn’t care less about the interests of their own country. Indeed, if there were the slightest possibility that our intervention in Libya would somehow benefit the United States, they would hysterically oppose it.”
Ann Coulter

“The Republicans in Congress claim they’re concerned about the budget balance, but it’s a disguise! It’s not true! It’s a lie! That’s not what they want. They want — they want other people not to be able to have their own opinions. They don’t deserve the freedoms that are in the Constitution! But we’ll give it to them anyway.”
Democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg

“Never modest about himself, Obama is supremely modest about his country.”
Charles Krauthammer

"I didn't know where to put it. I had a bucket of rock salt and a 5-gallon bucket of bird food in the garage. I thought the rock salt, it might eat the ink off the ticket. So I put the ticket in the bird food and hid it in the basement."
John Kutey, one of the Albany 7. Seven state workers who chipped in to purchase a lottery  ticket won $319 million.


Two this week...

1) "However far-fetched."

2) Our so-called "border patrol."


A tale of two rallies.


Charlie Sheen just won't go away.


From our very own Franklin...

And we close with the latest from NewsBusted!

Who is that man helping Franklin aldermanic candidate Bob Schick?

aldermanic candidate Bob Schick was at my door early this morning with an old friend.

Bruce is tagging along with Bob today. He’s a proud veteran of our military and remains on active duty, stationed at Scott AFB, IL.

If Bob Schick stops at your house and Bruce is with him, thank Bruce for his service to our country and
his patriotism.


Have a great time tonight, Morgan

This is a super time to be a sports fan.

It's the Final Four beginning this weekend for both men's and women's college basketball. The baseball season has just begun. Soon, the NBA playoffs will be underway.

As an avid sports fan, I’ve made an observation that really bugs me. During the course of any sports season, you will often, too often hear coaches and players alike use the word "adversity" to describe a tough situation. Their blatant misuse of the term is quite disturbing.

Adversity is losing a limb or two while defending your country. Adversity is the daily life of a police officer, not knowing if survival will come at the end of a work shift. Adversity is the loss of a loved one. Adversity is dealing with a serious illness or disability.

I admire and respect real people who go through real adversity and do it with a smile and a bright attitude. One of those is Morgan Hayes.

Here's hoping that she has one of the best nights of her life tonight.

Is Franklin a Tax Hell? More #'s

Late last year when I blogged financial data supporting my claim that Franklin is a tax hell, Mayor Tom Taylor in knee jerk reaction had his staff prepare a report in rebuttal that compared Franklin’s city tax rate to tax rates in surrounding communities.

Mayor Taylor distributed this report to Common Council members who, at one of their subsequent meetings, nodded like brainwashed sheep and laughed and snickered at and insulted anyone (like me) that would dare question our obscene taxes.

What Mayor Taylor and the tax and spenders on the Common Council (that would be all except Steve Olson) were banking on was that the general public wouldn’t see the major flaw in the staff report and that is that the tax rate is meaningless. It’s the tax LEVY that’s important.

Some time ago, I asked the Research Director for the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX), Dale Knapp for the latest property tax information for the city of Franklin. From the WISTAX web site:

“Celebrating its 78th year, the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX) is the state's oldest and most respected private government research organization.  Since 1932, it has been promoting better government and an informed citizenry through its publications, public outreach and extensive school programs.”

Knapp responded to my request:

“The latest numbers for the city of Franklin are for 2009/10 (billed in 2009, payable in 2010).  We won't have this year's numbers until later this spring.”

There are important tables reported by WISTAX.

1) The municipal tax is the total amount levied by the municipality for municipal purposes. 

2) The net levy includes all property taxes levied in the municipality.  This includes the levy for the local school district(s), technical colleges, county, municipality, special districts, and the state.

3) Per capita, or tax paid by each person.

Let’s look at how the city of Franklin fares among all 599 cities and villages ranked by WISTAX.

The municipal tax: Franklin ranks #308

The net levy: Franklin ranks #157.

Doesn’t seem all that terrible, does it?

But now you look at the per capital rankings.

For the municipal tax, Franklin ranks # 67.

For the net levy, Franklin ranks # 42.

These are the latest figures available. I doubt the figures for 2010-11 will show any dramatic improvement.

To repeat, the overwhleming majority of City Hall offiicials including Steve Taylor and Kristen Wilhelm DO NOT believe Franklin is a tax hell. And why wouldn't they?

A note to all City of Franklin employees: I need your help

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My Most Popular Blogs (04/03/11)

Most popular

As I post every Sunday, here are the five most read blog entries of mine from the previous week. NOTE: some entries may have been posted prior to the past week.

1) Here is the #1 reason to vote against Franklin alderman Steve Taylor

2) Pete Kosovich for Franklin alderman, 4th distruct: The true consrvative in this race

3) Culinary no-no #211


5) Some savvy blog readers have Franklin alderman Steve Taylor all figured out

Photos of the Week (04/03/11)

Photos of the Week

A bomb drops on a tightly-guarded residence of leader Moammar Gadhafi and military targets in the suburb of Tajura on Tuesday, March 29. NATO-led coalition aircraft had been seen in the skies over the capital earlier in the afternoon. Mahmud Turkia / AFP - Getty Images

2) A member of the Young Russia (Rossiya Molodaya) movement, depicting US President Barak Obama with blood on his hands during a protest against awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in front of the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia, Friday, April 1, 2011. Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples, and the Young Russia movement question his continued effort to the international diplomatic cause.(AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev)

3) In this March 22 photo, Manami Kon, using Japanese hiragana characters she just learned, writes a letter for her mother who's still missing after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami at the devastated city of Miyako, northeastern Japan. The 4-year-old Manami wrote, "Dear Mommy. I hope you're alive. Are you okay?" It took about an hour for her to finish it. Twenty days after the disaster that hit Japan's northeastern coast, her parents and a sister were still unaccounted for. Norikazu Tateishi / AP

4) Takako Konno smiles after finding her cousin's childhood diary from amongst a tsunami devastated house at Tanohata village, Iwate prefecture on March 27, 2011.  Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP - Getty Images

5) In this Friday, April 1, 2011, photo released by the Japan Coast Guard, members of the Japan Coast Guard rescue a dog after it was found drifting on the roof of a house floating 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles) off Kesennuma, northeastern Japan. The dog wears a collar, but there is no address on it. The March 11 earthquake off Japan's northeast coast triggered a tsunami that barreled onshore and disabled the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. (AP Photo/Japan Coast Guard)

6) John Hoskins, center, holds Xavier Huguenard, 19 months, one of the children he rescued from a flipped vehicle Monday morning, March 28, 2011, off of Illinois Road in Whitley County, Ind. The car, which was being driven westbound on Illinois Road by Yesenia Huguenard when she fell asleep at the wheel flipping it 4 to 5 times, Whitley County Sheriff's Deputy Randy Dellinger said, trapping two children inside in their car seats. Xavier suffered minor bleeding while his sister Eva, 2 months, rear, suffered internal head injuries. The driver, Yesenia, also suffered minor injuries. Journal-Gazette photographer Swikar Patel aided in the rescue of the second child before taking photos. (AP Photo/The Journal-Gazette, Swikar Patel)

7) Milwaukee Brewers players jog in the snow at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. The Brewers opened their 2011 season there Thursday against the Reds. AP photo.

8) Ramon Hernandez is mobbed by teammates after he hit a 3-run-homer in the bottom of the 9th inning Thursday as cincinnati beat the Brewers, 7-6. AP photo.

9) Guests gaze at Miller Park's new high definition scoreboard at its unveiling Monday. Journal Sentinel photo :Kristyna Wentz-Graff

10) 7th graders react to a human brain during a hands on program for Brain Awareness Week at Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School in Dubuque, Iowa, Wednesday, March 30, 2011. Brain Awareness Week is an International movement aimed at raising awareness about the progress and benefits of brain and nervous system research. (AP Photo/Telegraph Herald, Jeremy Portje)

11) An unexpected side-effect of the flooding in parts of Pakistan has been that millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters. Because of the scale of the flooding and the fact that the water has taken so long to recede, many trees have become cocooned in spiders' webs. People in this part of Sindh have never seen this phenonemon before - but they also report that there are now less mosquitoes than they would expect, given the amount of stagnant, standing water that is around. It is thought that the mosquitoes are getting caught in the spiders' webs, thus lowering the chance of being bitten. This may in turn be reducing the risk of malaria, which would be one blessing for the people of Sindh, facing so many other hardships  Photo: Russell Watkins / U.K. Department for International Development

12) Veterinarian, William Fowlds saws off the horn of a rhinocerous while game ranger Mof Swanepoel restrains her at the Kragga Kamma Game Park on March 30, 2011 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Horns are being removed from rhinos in an attempt to avoid the rhino being poached for sale to the black market. (Photo by Foto24/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

13) Christie Carr dresses her kangaroo, Irwin, in a shirt and pair of blue jeans in her home, in Broken Arrow, Okla., before going out to visit a nursing home. Carr suffers from depression and has found solace in Irwin, but local city officials worry that the partially paralyzed therapy pet could become a public safety risk. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

14) The so-called "Crazy House" (Verrueckte Haus), a single-family house upside down can be seen in the northern German town of Bispingen on March 27, 2011. People check  it out.  Photos: Holger Hollemann / AFP - Getty Images.

15)  A Lego model depicting an imaginary scene from the forthcoming Royal Wedding on March 30 in Windsor, England. The scene in the front of Buckingham Palace includes models of the wedded couple, HRH Prince William and wife to be Kate Middleton. Lego models of distinguished guests include the Beckhams, Sir Elton John, and Sir Paul McCartney. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

16) Ellie Phillips, of London's Jealous Gallery, holds up a specially commissioned airline style sick bag for people who have had too much of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

17) A patron of Charlie Sheen's show at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan April 2 shows her displeasure following a performance which saw Sheen walk off the stage. Saturday was the first date in Sheen's cross country tour of his show "Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option". Photo: Getty Images

18) American Artist Eric Staller performs with his creation, 'Fish-O-Vision' at Carre Senart Leisure Center on April 1, 2011 in Lieusaint, France. Photo: Kristy Sparow / Getty Images

19) Girls walk with a book on their head to learn deportment, in front of a cardboard cutout of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton as they take part in the 'A Princess Tea Party' event, at a hotel in London, Saturday, April 2, 2011. A scene straight from "My Fair Lady" played out at a posh London hotel Saturday as a dozen girls in frilly dresses attended a "princess boot camp" ahead of this month's royal wedding. The pint-size wannabe princesses learned how to walk straight, eat with decorum and curtsy. Never mind that it's doubtful any of them will come within spitting distance of the royals at the April 29 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. (AP Photo/Akira Suemori)

20) The obligatory model picture. A model presents a creation made with recycled materials during Ecofashion 2011 in Cali, Colombia on March 26, 2011. Jaime Saldarriaga / Reuters

Recommended Reading (04/03/11)

Recommended reading

Here are, in my view, interesting, noteworthy columns and articles from the past week that I highly recommend (You will note that on occasion, I do not endorse the opinions of the author and may point that out. Despite my disagreements, I still feel the piece is worth a read).

The one opinion piece The New York Times didn’t want you to read

"Editor’s note: In the weeks since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker introduced his reforms to balance the budget and revoke the collective bargaining rights of public employees, The New York Times repeatedly used its editorial pages to opine on the reforms. Below is the Op-Ed that Governor Walker wrote that the New York Times chose not to run."

Wisconsin judicial tyranny

"It's beginning to seem like the will of the people, as reflected in the election results, is completely irrelevant. The Democrats and their special interest sponsors in the labor movement are using any means at their disposal to block the efforts of the officials who won the election.

Our Founding Fathers warned against 'the tyranny of the minority.' This must have been the type of situation they had in mind."

The paranoid style in liberal politics

Up until Walker’s showdown with the Democratic state senators, (David) Koch had never seen a photograph of the governor. He didn’t know him at all. But now the protesters occupying the Wisconsin state capitol were calling Walker a ‘Koch Whore.’

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Culinary no-no #214

Culinary no-no's

To get us started and in the right mood this week, please click the following video.

Thank you, Gil.

When the Milwaukee Brewers play their home opener Monday at Miller Park, there will be a new item at concession stands. Back in January, the Brewers held a "Create a Concession" contest for fans.

Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin sampled fish tacos during the process of selecting four contest finalists. Journal Sentinel photo: Rick Wood.

The eventual winner was 25-year old teacher Courtney Ring of Sauk City who came up with Famous Racing Sausage Kabobs.


"I came up with the idea to use the sausages when one of my friends was talking about 'eating for the cycle' - eating one of each of the sausages. Knowing I could never eat that much, I thought, 'How awesome would it be to buy something that gave you a little taste of each kind?'

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Some final thoughts on Franklin elections

For this frustrated voter, the elections on April 5 boil down to this.

I am fed up with the overwhelming tax and spend mentality that permeates City Hall and the Franklin School Board that in turn leads to most of our elected officials constantly taking more and more money away from my family, our baby’s college fund, funds for family vacations, our retirement, etc.

I am tired of people in surrounding suburbs telling me they have more house and comparable services and schools, if not better, at far less the property tax.

Franklin is a predominantly fiscally conservative city. Sadly, less than a handful of our elected folks match that philosophy. The rest, in my view, need to replaced by individuals that share Franklin’s fiscal philosophy.

Here are my thoughts on the Franklin races on Tuesday.


I happen to like the incumbent, Kristen Wilhelm. She’s on my list of potential baby-sitters for Kyla. Her opponent, Bob Schick and I agreed during a recent conversation that she works hard and cares a great deal. I very much appreciate that she communicates with her constituents (like me) via e-mail. More of Franklin’s officials need to follow suit.

However, this is not a popularity contest. I know plenty of genuinely nice people. But I would never vote for them.

Kristen Wilhelm is a tax and spend, environmentalist liberal. She does not share the same fiscal conservative values as the majority of her district or the majority of the city.

She promised me before she was elected that she would hold the line on taxing and spending. In reality, she has done just the opposite, voting every time for city budgets that increased the property tax levy beyond the rate of inflation, and during  a recession when homes in her district are being foreclosed. They’re easy to find for someone like Kristen who likes to use the computer. It’s a simple concept called “Google.”

My property tax bill means far more to me than E-newsletters that have included job openings for liberal public radio.

Sorry, Kristen. You had your opportunity, and in my view, did not earn re-election because you were so disappointing, including in your promise to me about taxing and spending.

Kristen Wilhelm has the incumbent advantage over Bob Schick, a political newcomer. But after talking to Schick, I understand he embodies true Franklin values. I am more than willing to place my trust in Schick, as I did with Kristen years ago, only to be totally disappointed. I think I can count on two fingers the times Kristen actually followed through for me. It’s futile trying to work with her, and others in my neighborhood have said the same. Kristen fails to realize that there are plenty more voters like me in her district. She only wants to listen to those that agree with her. That doesn’t include me, apparently, and so I strongly endorse Bob Schick.

But Kevin, if Kristen wins, don’t you run the risk of alienating yourself with her in the future? Good question. But she’s rarely listened to me in the past. Why would she listen in the future?

Schick might be green, but in a city our size, I’m not sure that’s a major detriment. What he does have is my trust. The incumbent lost it a long time ago.



My dear friend, former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow once told me this that I have never forgotten. If you have an “R” after your name (Republican), talk like one, act like one, vote like one, govern like one.

The incumbent, the vagabond Steve Taylor who just can’t seem to find a zip code to become comfortable with, likes to pass himself off as a conservative. And yet, he has violated the Farrow doctrine big time.

This phony conservative, supposedly a Scott Walker disciple, has voted for city budgets that increased the property tax levy beyond the rate of inflation. Unlike Scott Walker, he never lifted a finger to attempt to reduce the property tax levy increase to 0 %. When a colleague tried several times last November to amend the budget to reduce the levy increase even further, Steve Taylor sat silent, refusing to even second the motion on behalf of hard-working families. Why? Because he has a huge personal dislike for the alderman who made the motions.

If you don’t like Franklin taxes, you are the subject of Taylor’s wrath in public. As he stated at a meeting last November, if you don’t like the taxes I impose on you, then just get the hell out of here. Interesting command from someone who’s lived here a few years as opposed to property taxpayers who have lived here and paid their fair share and then some 10, 20, 30 or more years.

Taylor’s other claim to fame is his push to require that dogs, horses, and other small animals always be on leashes. More government intervention. That’s more liberalism from a phony conservative.

He also was considering a city-wide smoking ban until liberal Jim Doyle who liked the same idea rammed it through the Legislature. The smoking ban issue torn Franklin apart in the 90’s, the most divisive public policy in our city’s history showing once again how out of touch Steve Taylor is.

Steve Taylor lacks the proper demeanor to handle the job. I have been informed by his constituents that if you dare disagree, he will call you at home to give you a hard time. If you’re not at home, he will belittle your spouse.

He is arrogant and condescending as opposed to his opponent, Pete Kosovich who has the appropriate even-keel approach and the appropriate fiscal conservative approach to stop the maddening taxing and spending that have driven too many to put up the FOR SALE signs that our aldermen ignore, laugh and snicker at when they pass their bloated budgets.



There are 3 candidates running for 2 school board seats.

David Works

Several weeks ago, I asked Works why he didn’t attend last year’s school board meeting, the most important of the year, that decided the school system budget for the following year.

Works refused to answer on the record, imploring me not to publish his response to that and other questions. Suffice to say that as a fiscal conservative, I was disturbed by his comments.

As recently as a few weeks ago, I requested that he be cautious in upcoming votes and not approve pay increases for school system employees.

On March 3, I told David Works:


Works responded the next day:

“You have it.”

According to Fred Keller’s blog, while Works voted against a contract increase for Superintendent Steve Patz, he voted for an a
verage 2.3 percent increase for Administrators, and voted for an average 2.3 percent increase for various non-union staff.

Since becoming a school board member, Works has voted consistently for big tax and spending increases, going against what he has told me face to face.

Quite frankly, David Works is one of the most disappointing Franklin officials in recent memory. 

Linda Witkowski

She has been a bit more consistent as of late in holding the line on out of control school spending.

Newcomer Tim Nielson

He deserves a chance, with the caveat that if he wins, people will be watching him as they did David Works. I refuse to be fooled and insulted like I was by Works ever again.

If there are to be two winners Tuesday, they should be Nielson and Witkowski.


The incumbent, Tom Taylor is a good friend. He and I have collaborated well on several important Franklin issues.The mayor has done many good things for Franklin.

He is running unopposed. Foolish and naïve Franklin bloggers without substantiation, as usual, posted silly items recently that Taylor would be the subject of a write-in campaign. He won’t be and will be mayor again.

If he had an opponent, it would have been very interesting because my good friend, and he is, had a rough last year.

In a weak attempt to defend Franklin’s out of whack taxing and spending, Mayor Taylor accused fiscal critics of badmouthing all that is good about the city when they did no such thing. Instead of engaging in thoughtful debate, he ordered his staff to prepare a bogus report about the city’s meaningless tax rate, as if that would somehow satisfy the masses paying their property tax bills in December.

The mayor also publically enabled his tax and spenders on the Common Council (Steve Taylor, Kristen Wilhelm, et al) to berate, laugh at and ridicule any hard working taxpayer that refused to kiss the tax and spenders’ rings.

You have to earn my vote (Gee, I’m just funny that way) and I will not be voting for Mayor Tom Taylor Tuesday, leaving that space on my ballot blank.

Mayor, please work harder in your next term to earn back my confidence.



Holiday Closings

The Oak Creek Public Library will be closed Friday, April 22; Saturday, April 23; and Sunday, April 24 for the Easter holiday.

Have a safe and Happy Easter!

Oak Creek seeking public input on former Delphi plant development

Oak Creek

A workshop to gather public input to help plan the future of the 85-acre former Delphi Corp. site, at 7929 S. Howell Ave., as well as the nearby area around City Hall and the Oak Creek Library, will be held Wednesday.

The purpose is to gather input on what the community would like to see occur on the properties before the project team begins to prepare site concepts. The project team will come back to the public with specific planning concepts at a later meeting.

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