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Wisconsin Right to Life Launches Obamacare Opt-Out Campaign - Sign the Petition!

During Budget Deliberations, MPS Pays Consultants to Help Employees Lighten Up

The MacIver Institute
has the story.

Flag vandals strike during holiday weekend

Oregon to Minnesota to Ohio, vandals trampled on Old Glory over the Memorial Day weekend.  In one Ohio town alone, approximately 25 American flags were found set ablaze on Monday. At least one national veterans group called for those responsible for the ‘shocking and reprehensible’ acts of vandalism to be quickly arrested and prosecuted."

I suppose some liberal or ACLU types might argue this wasn’t desecration or vandalism but, “freedom of expression.”

No one who burns, trashes, rips, tears, desecrates, spits on, tramples on, urinates on, vandalizes, or destroys an American flag gets any sympathy from me.

Read more from
Fox News.

Confusion reigns over statewide smoking ban

Wally Kriesant believes he has the right approach to the statewide smoking ban that goes into effect July 5, 2010.  The owner of the Four Corners near Tomahawk plans to put up signs warning smokers they light up at their own risk. It’s his understanding that it’s up to local police to enforce the new law.

Guess again, Wally.

Despite all the controversy and news coverage surrounding the latest example of government overstepping its bounds, there is a great deal of confusion and sheer ignorance of the impending smoking ban with about a month before it takes hold.

Wally Kriesant says (hopes?) the guys with badges will step up to ensure the law is obeyed. What Kriesant needs to realize is that under this ingenious statute, he bears responsibility, and a lot.

The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau in a memo clarifies who is responsible for enforcement. Listen up, barkeeps:

The person in charge of a facility is respon­sible for making reasonable efforts to prohibit persons from illegally smoking. For example, a bartender may not provide matches, ash­trays, or other smoking-related equipment, and must take all of the following steps:


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Government at its best

Political Cartoon by Gary Varvel

Oil Spill Tars Dems' Reputation for Competence

"'Obama Struggling to Show He's in Control,' reads the headline on The Washington Post's story on Barack Obama's Thursday press conference, where most of the questions were about the Gulf oil spill. 'Defensive, unauthoritative and equivocal,' wrote Congressional Quarterly's Craig Crawford of Obama's performance. 'He came across as a beleaguered bureaucrat in damage control.'

Uh-oh. People, even people in the Obama-friendly press, are beginning to say that the oil spill is Obama's Katrina. That it destroys his reputation for competence. "

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Visit Arizona-Part 25

Boycott, schmoycott! has published its list of top relaxing weekend getaway destinations.


Scottsdale, Ariz.

And # 1-

Sedona, Ariz.

Whippersnapper material?

Y-o-u  b-e-t-t-e-r  b-e-l-i-e-v-e  i-t.

Because everyone (well, almost everyone) knows how important it is to be able to spell.

MPS Gives $3 Million to Consultant Despite Declining Performance

The MacIver Institute continues its outstanding reporting on wasteful spending at MPS. Its latest report opens:

“As the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors prepares to vote on a budget proposal that may include layoffs for hundreds of employees, they continue to spend nearly $100,000 a month on a non-profit organization that is failing in its mission to improve performance at five troubled MPS high schools.”

Read the entire report here.

A Rehorst Reminder

The Monthly Newsletter of Wisconsin's First Craft Distillery      -Special-
In This Issue
Team EDGE & Dan
New Rum
Rum Release Party
Heaven City Spirits Dinner

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MLB umpires are right about 95% of the time, but when they're wrong....

They're really wrong.

It's time to play, what WI municipality am I thinking of?

I’m about to give you several clues about a municipality in Wisconsin.




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Help! We Need Your Books!!

The Friends of the Oak Creek Public Library are seeking donations for their annual book sale.  We will accept adult and children's materials:  hard and soft cover books, paperbacks, CDs, DVDs, video cassettes and audio cassettes.  We will be collecting items now through July 31st.

Please mark all materials "Friends Book Sale" and drop off at the library.

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Tonight's MPS Votes Matter to Every Wisconsinite

From the MacIver Instutute:

Tonight’s MPS Votes Matter to Every Wisconsinite

So tonight is the big night for the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors.

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Thank you, Franklin police!

Another outstanding job by our fine police department, working hard to keep our community safe.


And yes, it’s time to get rid of those unseemly motels on Franklin’s side of South 27th Street. But knowing our city officials, they’ll come up with all kinds of reasons and excuses why we can’t touch them.

We added 540,000 jobs last month

Wow, that is great news!


The overwhelming majority of those jobs are attributed to the huge infusion of temporary Census workers.  So this particular jobs report is very misleading.

Even so, let’s see how the Obama-loving media portrays this news, Will they report the obvious, or will they continue to be brainwashed and wave the pom poms.

Goodnight everyone, and have a happily ever after weekend!

It's Friday night. Time to unwind with our regular Friday night feature on This Just In.

The weekend has finally arrived.

The sun has set.

The evening sky has erupted. 

Let's put controversy and provocative blogs aside for the rest of this work week and smooth our way into Saturday and Sunday.


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BP Dispersant

Political Cartoon by Dana Summers

Gulf Coast Comedy of Errors

"The President’s recent trip to the region did not help matters at all. While it was positive that he visited coastal Louisiana, he was sheltered from the real damage. The President walked the clean beaches of Grand Isle, instead of visiting damaged marshes. Right before he arrived, hundreds of workers mysteriously arrived to clean up the beach on Grand Isle. Right after Mr. Obama left, the workers departed as well. According to representatives of Oil Mop, Inc., the contractor in charge of the clean-up operation, it was just a coincidence that the workers started right before the presidential visit. If you believe that nonsense, I have some Louisiana swamp land to sell you."

Why Should Kids Have All the Fun? Adult Summer Reading Club is Here!

Pick up an entry form at the library.  Anyone going into the the 9th grade can join, and of course, adults of all ages are welcome!  Just read three books or listen to three audio books (or a combination of both) between June 7 and August 2.  Your first entry earns you a coupon for a free mini sub at Cousins and a coupon to purchase any item from the Friends' Book Nook for only $1.00.

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Free Summer Concerts at The Center

Join us for Oak Creek Summer Concert Series on Wed. July 14th for Happy Schnapps Combo. Wisconsin's riotous Polka Party Band will provide a wild evening of entertainment.  The Happy Schnapps Combo reminds you to "binge responsibly"!   Wed. July 28yh Pat McCurdy.  A Milwaukee musical legend and summer concert series favorite.  Pat has been entertaining crowds with his comical lyrics and hilarious stage antics for more than 25 years.  Wed Aug. 18th Chasin' Mason.  One of Wisconsin's premier county rock bands, Chasin' Mason plays the hits from the 90's and today.  Come hear all your favorites as only Chasin' Mason can deliver.  7pm-9pm all shows are held at The Center, rain or shineConcessions and children's play area available.  Bring your lawn chairs, picnic baskets with snack and your favorite beverage!

Bucyrus to get $2 million in property tax breaks from Oak Creek plan

Oak Creek, Office

Mining equipment maker Bucyrus International Inc. could receive up to $2 million in property tax revenue generated by its purchase of the former Midwest Airlines Inc. headquarters, in Oak Creek.

The Oak Creek Common Council will consider creating a proposed tax incremental financing district that would encompass the former Midwest buildings, a nearby logistics facility for Yellow/Roadway, and other nearby vacant or underused properties.

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